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Living Heritage Ministers


REVEREND WELLS BEHEE was born in Middleport, New York and received his Master of Divinity Degree from St. Lawrence Theological School in Canton, New York.  He was installed October 1, 1953 as minister at Eldorado Universalist Church.  Rev. Behee served this church as minister from 1953 to 1956 as well as jointly serving New Madison Universalist Church.  A fifth generation Universalist, Wells has written articles for the Universalist Herald.  He is a retired school teacher and belongs to the Ohio State Teachers Organization.  Wells enjoys many hobbies; he designed and painted a large “Mural of All Religions” which is installed at the New Madison Universalist Church.  Rev. Behee resides with his wife Mary in New Madison.  They have four adult daughters and a son. 

REVEREND KATHY BRAWLEY has been a frequent guest preacher at Eldorado Universalist Church this past year.  Rev. Brawley was ordained in 1997 in Anaheim, California with the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Kathy’s professional memberships include the Covenant of Clergy Women.  When she is not in the pulpit, Kathy is a consultant and writer.  Her hobbies include reading and photography and labors, as the congregation learned, at “deer resistant” vegetable gardening.  Kathy lives in New Paris with her daughter Natalie (almost 11) and her mother, Jane. 

REVEREND KATHRYN HAWBAKER (1994-2000), Pastor, Marietta UU Fellowship. 

REVEREND DONNE HAYDEN - Rev. Hayden was born and raised in New Mexico.  Donne graduated in May of 2006 with a Master of Divinity Degree from the Earlham School of Religion.  Donne served this church as minister from 2005 through 2008.  Rev. Hayden was formerly a high school English teacher for 20 years with teaching assignments in Colorado, Sao Paulo and Austria. She has also taught creative writing and composition at Colorado State University and IU East in Richmond and was founding editor of Changing Woman (a Colorado magazine), written articles for ESR (Earlham School of Religion) Reports, written a book “A Sense of the Meeting:  A History of Elk Monthly Meeting, 1805-2005.  She loves to read and maintains membership in the Quaker History and Geneology organization.  Donne’s daughter, Krystin and grandson, Hyland live nearby in Cincinnati.  Rev. Hayden is pastor of Cincinnati Friends Meeting.

REVEREND VANN KNIGHT served as interim minister from 1993 to 1994.

REVEREND RAY MICHEL ministered to this church from 1965 to 1992, jointly serving New Madison Universalist Church also.  Rev. Michel is a graduate of Earlham College, was ordained in 1949, and was installed as minister at Eldorado Universalist Church in September 1965.   During his lengthy 26 year ministry with the church, Ray was also very active locally in community programs serving as Director of Programs geared to men, women, youth and children.  At one time, the church’s bus transported basketball members to games.  Rev. Michel garnered accolades for his dedicated work with the UUA in the Southwest District over the years.  Ray has two five adult children (3 sons and 2 daughters), lives in Eaton, and spends his spare time on the computer and tending to the lawn and garden.

REVEREND DEREK PARKER is a graduate of Earlham School of Religion and was ordained at Epiphany Church (UUA) in Fenton, Michigan.  Rev. Parker served this church as minister from 2001 through 2005.  Since his departure from Eldorado Universalist Church, Derek has been active in ministries with the Deaconess Hospital, National Episcopal Health Ministries and Irvington Friends Meeting (Quaker).  Rev. Parker is a frequent contributor to the Universalist Herald magazine and the Liberal Christian and Good News periodicals and belongs to the UU Society for Community Ministry.  When the pen and keyboard are idle, Derek enjoys travel, reading and hiking.  He lives in Muncie, Indiana. 

REVEREND LESLIE WOODWARD concluded a year‘s ministry (2008-2009) with Eldorado Universalist Church this past August electing to remain in community ministry as a hospice chaplain.  A Master of Divinity degree graduate of Earlham School of Religion in 2005, Leslie received Preliminary Fellowship from the UUA in 2007 and was ordained by her home congregation, Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, in June 2008.  She completed her chaplain training at Kettering Medical Center and Sycamore Hospital and currently works as a part-time hospice chaplain for Southern Care.  Born in Minnesota, Leslie lived in Hawaii for 20 years. she now lives in Washington Township (south of Dayton) with her husband, Chris and their two sons, Nick and Alex.  When not involved with hospice chaplaincy and family raising, she enjoys swing dancing, hiking, watching soccer, and going to the beach which she admits is somewhat difficult in Ohio.