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AUUW events & dates:

We sell dried beef and onion cheeseballs - $6 each. Orders will be ready by Tuesday Dec. 15. (last year we sold 400, and could have sold more!) We also sell the Hearth Candle made by the Warm Glow company in Centerville, In., but I have not received the information yet.

CHEESEBALL & CANDLE ORDERS THRU THANKSGIVING. TURN IN BY SUN. NOV. 29TH. Orders can be emailed to Pastor Brawley or Jill Vaniman.

Nov. 19, Thurs. 7:30PM, Dorothy Fark’s home – bring your favorite cookie or candy recipe.

Dec. 3, Thurs., 7:30PM – Church Dining Hall: Holiday Cookie/Candy Exchange (call 273-4151 for info.)

Dec.11, Fri. 10AM - Church Dining Hall: Prep for cheeseball sale (chopping onion & beef)

Dec. 14 & 15, Mon. & Tues., 10AM – Church Dining Hall (making, packaging, & filling cheeseball orders) Also filling candle orders.

Jan. 16, Sat. 11AM – (weather permitting) Soup & Salad luncheon (location TBA). Each participant brings one soup and one salad ingredient, and we’ll see what we make! (call 273-4151 for info.)


Pastor Kathy Brawley

(937) 437-0349




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